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Raised in the woodlands of central Wisconsin, Samantha Siren has, since childhood, drawn inspiration from the natural environments surrounding her. While studying in the nationally acclaimed sculpture department of the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, she was able to hone in both her technical and conceptual skills as a visual artist. It was during this time that she also began to take her participation in the performing arts more seriously, including dance, circus, aerial, and vaudeville. After graduation she chose to forego graduate school in pursuit of continuing her education and career in the performing arts. Samantha moved to Chicago in January 2016, with the full intention of attending a full-time contemporary circus training program. After being denied to circus school, she decided that she would work infinitely harder at developing her craft- but on her own terms. Samantha was fortunate to have fallen into the laps of a few exceptional mentors while in this pursuit, and has since had the opportunity to perform at the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco, CA, Theatre Bizarre in Detroit, MI, Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI, and has also performed on tour throughout much of the American south and midwest. Her work often references the natural environments she grew up in, placing emphasis on organic movements to play with the themes of time, tension, and contrast in order to express the concept of transformation- something she sees as neither good nor bad, but surely inevitable to all things.